Welcome to Smart Brain Bangladesh 🇧🇩 !

Smart Brain is a complete brain development program for children. To help your 5-15 year-old children use their brains to their full potential and help them grow up to become more creative, smart, focused and well-rounded individuals, enroll them in Smart Brain’s Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program today!

The Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program is a well-monitored training technique that uses both the right and the left side of the brain simultaneously which triggers faster brain development.

In our current educational systems and curricula, there are sufficient resources and techniques to develop most of the left side of our brains. However, the right side of the brain, which deals with all the creative sectors, is usually left without any attention because there are a lack of activities to flex those brain neurons in our current curriculum.

To solve this problem, Smart Brain has designed this program to help improve both sides of our children’s brains to help them reach their full potential.

Smart Brain was officially started in Thailand during 1996 by Mr. Saward Mittaree and is now currently operated in about 18 countries. There is only a single 2-hour class every week in the Smart Brain Program. Daily practice of just 5-15 minutes is sufficient. Thus, the program in no way hampers your child’s daily school education. Instead, it helps them with it.

Therefore, we sincerely recommend you register your child in the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program of Smart Brain Bangladesh in order to properly utilize this perfect nurturing time in your child’s life and to help them secure a beautiful, safe and hopeful future. We strongly believe after successfully completing the Smart Brain program, your child will exceed your expectations Insha’Allah!

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